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Japanese Signs:  Master Calligrapher Umehachi San

Gorgeous calligraphy for signboards.

Ohsyuntei Umehachi san produces beautiful Edo style Japanese calligraphy.   Contact us for information on ordering a custom made sign for your business or home.

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About Mr. Umehachi

Mr. Ohsyuntei Umehachi was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1954. He studied under

the seventh generation of Enzoh Tachibana during his college years.

He then met the master of “Yosemoji of Tachibana” style, Mr. Tachibana Ukon,

and studied under him. (Yosemoji is a style of Japanese characters).

After 30 years of practice and hard work, he created the current “Umehachi style”.

In addition to being a calligrapher, Mr. Umehachi is also an outstanding Rakugo

story teller. He arranges various events around Japan while developing new up

and coming talent.

He also founded the “Fuku-no-ya troupe” in order to cultivate the Rakugo* and

Edomoji (Edo style characters) skills of his students.

(*In Rakugo, storytellers portray the attire and appearance of the characters not

with various physical objects such as costumes, props, stage setting, etc., but

only through words and gestures.)

In the future, Mr. Umehachi plans to hold more events in order to spread the art of

the Edomoji style overseas.

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