Kuni Okamoto

About Us

About Us

Kuni Okamoto is our link to the Japanese art world.  The Okamoto family has been in the antique art business in Kyoto’s Gion section for the past 120 years.  His great grandfather, Kohachiro Yokoyama, was a pioneer in byobu screens.  Mr. Yokoyama was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun and Medal of Honor from the Emperor of Japan.


Kohachiro Yokoyama sold “trade screens” to collectors outside of Japan.  These handmade byobu screens were smaller and easier to ship.  The work encouraged international appreciation of these beautiful works of art.

Kuni Okamoto carries on his family tradition of bringing Japanese art to the wider world.

 Mr. Okamoto applies his keen eye for art to insure that our pieces are of the highest quality.  In addition to his experience in Japan’s art world, Mr. Okamoto has a large network of skilled artists throughout Japan. He created Authentic Kyoto to facilitate the sale of Japanese art to the rest of the world.  Mr. Okamoto will give custom screen orders his full attention.

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